“The values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are.”

– Malcolm Gladwell

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My amazing colleagues, clients and partners in service are the reason I experience success. In their words, here’s what it’s like to work with me.

“I met Saylor  in mid-2015 when she joined Bold Betties as a member. Her passion, drive, and determination were immediately noteworthy and as I got to know her over the following year, I continued to be impressed with her in numerous ways. She jumped in with both feet as a member of our community and quickly became a huge champion of our brand on her own volition. When we had a need for a savvy marketing director and social media strategist, we didn’t even reach out to anyone else. There was no question that Saylor was the best person for the role. She is a tremendous self-starter, has fantastic ideas and implements them with (much appreciated) urgency and skillful execution. We don’t have to supervise any of her work – we can rest assured when Saylor is involved. Beyond her ethic, her skills are well-honed. She is a true technical marketer and has actively sought out the skills and knowledge required to add tremendous value in MarTech. She is a rare find and any company or team able to snag her will benefit greatly.”

— Niki Koubourlis, Founder and CEO, Bold Betties

“I met Saylor shortly after I joined Bold Betties and was looking for help in social media marketing strategy and execution. Bold Betties could not have found a better match! Saylor is capable, superbly knowledgeable about social media (strategy, best practices, tools, processes and methodologies). Not only that, she acts with a great sense of urgency and makes things happen. As the result of her taking over our Social Media Marketing, we have seen *significant* growth in reach, views, engagement, and ultimately action. She did all of that with little direction and in fact, she has been giving me and the rest of the leadership team very robust perspective on social media and digital marketing. Lastly (but certainly not least), Saylor demonstrates great communication skills, teamwork and emotional intelligence. Saylor is well-rounded, biased towards action and making a difference. She is truly an asset and will deliver value, *immediately*. She is a rare find!”

— Arezou Zahrafshan, Managing Partner, Cyrus Ventures (Former CMO, Bold Betties)

“I had the privilege of working with Saylor in different capacities – as an event partner of Quick Left and an employee. She joined my marketing team because she wanted hands on training in modern marketing techniques so she could transform her career. In the process of doing that, she transformed Quick Left. In her short time here, she conducted SEO audits resulting in more inbound leads, constructed massive workflows in our marketing automation software that cleaned up over 60,000 customer datapoints, streamlined and improved Sales and Marketing communication efforts, created tracking systems through Google Analytics, and represented Quick Left at outward-facing events as if she worked here for years. All of these activities resulted in more strategic campaigns, better data to work with, and saved us some money along the way, too. Saylor is a must-have-individual who will make a significant impact on your marketing team.”

— Rachel  Beisel, SVP & CMO, Cable Labs (Former VP of Marketing, Quick Left)

“I had the pleasure of working with Saylor during her time as the Sales & Marketing Fellow at Quick Left. She left an established career and joined our company to gain an in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing and was a supportive compliment to our sales team. Because of her previous experience in sales roles, Saylor brought fresh insights to Quick Left’s Inbound and Outbound marketing strategies. She also spearheaded an intensive data cleanup of HubSpot, our marketing automation software, which led to a savings of over $10,000 in just 3 months. She cultivated positive relationships with our sales and account executives, and often referred warm leads that she had established relationships with in her former professions. Saylor is purposeful and deliberate in her pursuit of revenue, always striving to drive the most qualified traffic via SEO, content marketing and lead nurturing. She regularly sought feedback from me and the rest of the leadership team on how she could continue to improve and contribute. Her sense of humor and willingness to learn made her a valuable asset during her tenure.”

— Scott Lasica, CSO, (Former COO, Quick Left)

“Saylor was a valuable member of the Quick Left Marketing team. With her extensive background in sales, she brought fresh insights into the challenges faced by our team. Saylor helped deliver forward-thinking solutions in order to achieve like-minded goals for the Sales and Marketing teams. She quickly ramped up on the marketing processes used on a daily basis and embraced learning new technologies and skills from day one.

Saylor is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Her willingness to learn from others and develop strong relationships with people she has only known for a short period of time plays a big part in her successes as a team-oriented individual. While Saylor focused on being a team player she was able to utilize her industry knowledge in sales and willingness to learn in order to work independently and own projects from start to finish.

I highly recommend Saylor for a digital marketing position at any company involved in the fast-paced, agile technology industry. She will not only deliver on her responsibilities as a team member, but discover ways to improve processes and make the team she’s a part of more efficient.”

— Simone Johnson, Marketing Manager, Cable Labs (Former Marketing Manager, Quick Left)

“While at The Denver Post, Saylor was able to clearly articulate the value of event marketing to clients and staff. Saylor was a strong mentor to me personally; she delivered the materials and coaching needed to market event opportunities to our clients effectively. Saylor demonstrated her leadership and teamwork abilities immediately after she began her position as Director of Events. Her expertise in marketing complex events enabled us to successfully execute our company’s largest event of the year. Saylor is reliable and establishes trust with clients and colleagues alike. I highly recommend Saylor as she has demonstrated professionalism, achievement, and empathy in the time that I worked with her.”

— Rhianna Taniguchi, Account Manager, iQ 360, Inc. (Former Account Executive, The Denver Post)

“Saylor is a very dedicated and innovative professional who works hard to deliver for her clients. She provided us with essential research and operational services in 2015. Saylor is incredibly energetic and she picks up new information so quickly! She is a great resource and we are looking forward to working with her in the future!”

— Amy St. Denis, Principal, The St. Denis Group

“I had the pleasure of supervising Meghan Saylor in numerous property management and leadership roles for numerous years. She is a superb multi-tasker who easily takes charge of any position she is placed in and always has delivered outstanding results. From sales to operations to new business development and marketing, Saylor understands all facets of business and is a pleasure to work with. Saylor is a one of a kind individual. She is extremely helpful and definitely a team player. As a leasing strategist at CRC, she was a great asset to the IT team in that she would use many tactics to help train, motivate, and be a champion for IT changes which affected the residential department. She is a true leader and someone that I would definitely want on my team.”

— Cynthia DeFrancesco, Senior Vice President, Southern Land Company

“Meghan Saylor is the consummate professional and has excellent business acumen. She was such an asset to our sales team through her tireless efforts, understanding of the business, attention to the details, and self-motivated diligence. I am thankful to have had Saylor as a member of my team.”

— Jason Atwell, Regional Vice President of Sales, Erickson Living

“Saylor was an excellent student in the TEFL Course I taught during February-March 2013. She was an eager participant and a very hard worker as well. Saylor worked very well with the others in the class and brought a positive energy and sense of humor to the group. During the four-week very intensive course, Saylor worked hard to improve her teaching skills and took feedback very well. It’s a challenging course, and Saylor worked hard to receive a grade of pass:excellent, which is the highest grade given for the course.”

— Suzanne Harle, International Student Advisor, Iowa State University (Former TEFL Trainer, Maximo Nivel)

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